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Finally, it's done! It took me ages - around a month or so - but I guess it's worth it *-*

They are talking about their single The Heart Never Lies
Tom: (...) And then it turn to a love song.
Harry: What? I thought you wrote for the band!
Tom: Well... It's also for the band. You know: 'another year over and we're still together.'
Dougie, Harry and Danny: Awnnn...
*Big hug*
Tom: It's not alway easy but...
Danny (interrupting him but not clearly): You're here forever.
Tom: But I'm here forever.
Harry: We are the lovers?!

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Earth Hour

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009.
I did my part.

Your distinct personality, The Prime Minister might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You are a strategist who pursues the most efficient and logical path toward the realization of the goal that you perceive or visualize. You will often only associate with those people who can assist you in the implementation of your plan. Inept assistants may be immediately discarded as excess baggage. To do otherwise could be seen as inefficient and illogical. On the positive side, you can be rationally idealistic and analytically ideological. You can be a bold decision maker and risk taker who can move society ahead by years instead of minutes. On the negative side, you may be unmerciful, impatient, impetuous and impulsive. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms. [Test]

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